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Customer Service Management for the Age of the Customer

Customers expect to be treated as individuals in their moment of need. They expect that each encounter will be informed and enriched by current and accurate information about their accounts, history, and preferences. They will reward companies that can anticipate their personal needs and wants, and punish those that clumsily have to relearn basic customer details at each encounter.*

At Virteva, we know that every business has unique needs that require unique solutions. But when customer service teams are plagued by inconsistent service delivery, encumbering legacy CRM software, high case volume, and disjointed service teams, it is nearly impossible to satisfy these customer expectations.

39% of customers will tell family or friends about a negative customer service experience.**

*Trends 2016: The Future of Customer Service, Forrester, 2016
**The 2016 Top 10 Critical Success Factors To Determine Who Wins and Who Fails In the Age of the Customer, Forrester, 2016

Make Customer Service a Team Sport

One of the challenges with CRM-like customer service tools is they are reactive. Customer success teams are constantly responding to problems as they come in, instead of proactively addressing them at their source. Furthermore, cases and their related data get stuck in silos, which makes it difficult to share information across the organization and get the right people involved from the onset. The result is slow resolution times, dissatisfied customers, and demoralized teams.

With ServiceNow’s CSM suite, customer service management becomes a team sport. By integrating across departments, workflows are automated to solve customer issues in a connected, effortless way. Additionally, by fostering collaboration across IT, finance, quality, and other teams, organizations are able to attack problems at the source and prevent them from happening again.

When Virteva helps you leverage CSM, you will:

  • Integrate your customer service tools across departments
  • Build and automate workflows that get the right people involved right away
  • Treat the root cause of customer issues, not just the symptoms
  • Increase customer satisfaction and improve efficiency

Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow CSM

See how you could achieve a 104% ROI with ServiceNow Customer Service Management.

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Customers today demand effortless service. They expect personalized experiences, meaningful interactions, and the ability to choose how they engage across the spectrum of your business. Download the info pack and learn how to achieve amazing service in today’s environment.

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Leveraging ITSM Best Practices to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Many companies have a vision for their customer service organization, but wrestle to take the specific steps needed to achieve it. Luckily, there is a playbook. And it’s been right under our nose all along.

IT organizations have been delivering customer service for decades. And over that time an entire library of best practices have been developed to streamline incidents, resolve customer issues quickly, and connect departments to solve problems at their source. These are completely portable disciplines that can be applied to the customer service organization to deliver better service to end users.

As a leading provider of outsourced IT and customer service powered by ServiceNow, Virteva supports thousands of end-users every single day. As a result, we have the full playbook for how to put people, process, and the ServiceNow platform to work to help you realize your vision and deliver exceptional customer service.

Our Approach to Customer Service Management

Rather than ripping out an old tool and replacing it with something new, we take a comprehensive approach to Customer Service that integrates the three factors of success: the user or customer experience, the internal processes behind the experience, and the technology that facilitates it all.


Business Process

Ensure you implement a streamlined and transparent internal process for handling cases by first identifying the current inefficient and complex processes before they are automated. This reduces the need for customizations within the ServiceNow CSM platform.


Customer Experience (CX)

Whether you need a basic current state and gap analysis, or a transformative, collaborative design option, we will ensure your ServiceNow CSM instance is increasing customer satisfaction through omnichannel experiences.


Platform Implementation

Based on the CX and Business Processes, we create the templates needed. Get an even more transformative ServiceNow implementation by combining them with customer experience and business process optimization services.

Virteva’s Discovery Workshop is a Structured Approach to Defining a CSM Excellence Plan:

Assess your CSM maturity and performance across key areas:

What we’ll accomplish together:

Customer feedback collection, utilization, closed-loop processes

Resource training, specializations, and management procedures


Process standardization and root cause analysis

Use of technology and systems to provide customer service

Inter-department and 3rd party CX integration

Data management, KPI, and reporting capabilities

  • Identify goals, requirements, and primary objectives for your CX team
  • Conduct interviews, and review existing CX data to assess your current state
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, gaps, and suggested next steps
  • Provide a detailed report to drive action and improvement

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Customer Service Discovery: Where are You Now?

Understanding your current CSM maturity level is the first step in the journey to superior customer service. Virteva will help you evaluate where you are today, and build a roadmap to where you want to go.

Whatever your maturity level, our Customer Service experts will help you:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce service costs
  • Improve agent and field tech productivity
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve product or service quality

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Virteva CSM Maturity Index™

Virteva CSM Maturity Index™

ServiceNow SysAdmins & Implementation Specialists

Custom Platform Modifications

ServiceNow Accreditations + Certifications

6 Month Average CSAT Score

Virteva is proud to be a Gold Services Partner with ServiceNow. With over 750 seats, hundreds of clients, and excellent customer satisfaction scores, we have earned our status as a preferred partner.

Your Partner for Phase II and Beyond.

ManagedNow. Comprehensive, flexible support and enhancement service for ServiceNow.

Success with ServiceNow doesn’t stop with an initial deployment. In fact, it’s the first step in the journey. Whether you need admin and configuration services, development and upgrade services, or an architect to develop and execute a roadmap, ManagedNow™ is the on-demand support option you need to maximize the return on your ServiceNow investment.

  • On-demand access to ServiceNow Architect, Development and Training resources
  • 24/7 administration and support services
  • Additional enhancements
  • Road map and value planning
  • ACE reporting and analysis for platform optimization

Tapping into resource capacity on-demand enables our customers to get the benefit of a wide range of skillsets operating under a proven DevOps delivery model without carrying the cost of full-time staff. Customer requests for service are managed through Virteva’s ManagedNow demand intake application. This enables customer stakeholders to easily categorize, prioritize, and approve requests against business priority, value, and budget constraints.

Our team is driven to make it easier for people to do their jobs by applying the most advanced business technologies to the real-world workplace in a practical, scalable way. To learn more about ManagedNow and our ManagedNow [info pack], click the “Learn More” button below!

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